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EQ2 News
Welcome to the Cryptic Order guild website.

We are an EverQuest 2 guild that loves to play the game.

All classes, races, alignments & alts are welcome.

We only ask that the guild rules be followed (see the information link to left) so that everyone can enjoy playing.

If you are Interested in Joining the guild and have read the guild rules Please Apply for the guild Using the Link above and Please Answer all questions, Please be truthful and give detailed replies

Change of Focus

Dragenfly, Jul 5, 08 4:32 AM.
Cryptic Order is moving in a new direction. Many of our level 80 characters have moved on to explore T8 Content. As we are open to all people and time zones, scheduling events was a challenge for us. This seems to have been the best solution.

Asfera has promoted Dragenfly and Peskie to Crypt Keepers and together the 3 of us will work hard to keep the guild exactly what it is. A laid-back, friendly, family oriented environment where members can enjoy playing the game. Members can still enjoy  the privilages of earned rank through guild status. Grouping and exploring content with your guildmates is always encouraged. New recruits are always welcome.

After awhile, if you feel you've gone as far as you can with our guild and want to explore higher level content you are always free to do so. We wont blacklist you. Your alts are always welcome to remain here. We only ask that you log them in once in awhile so we know it's not a dead account.

If you have any questions about this, you can always ask either in Ventrilo, or in guild chat, or in email. Stay safe and Enjoy the game!
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